How to Watch "Bobby and Sophie On the Coast" for free

Bobby Flay is embarking on a brand-new journey with his daughter Sophie to explore the delicious food of California.

We're excited to accompany Bobby and Sophie on their journeys in Bobby and Sophie on the Coast, 

so let's look at where, when, and how to watch it online.

The father and daughter team will sample some of the most inventive and delectable dishes, 

making you want to be with them because of their passion for food. 

Bobby and Sophie will discover the best restaurants, whether you're craving burgers, oysters, or Thai curries. 

They'll travel all the way up and down the coast in quest of delicious foods, from Malibu to Hollywood to Playa del Rey. 

You can watch Bobby and Sophie on the Coast on fuboTV, which offers more than 100 channels, including Food Network.

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