Angourie Rice graduates with honors: Honor Society review

Beyoncé and Billie Eilish appear at the opening of Honor Society, a dark comedy about high school students who are obsessed with prestige.

As she goes through her time-consuming morning routine before her senior year,

Honor Rose (Angourie Rice as Spider-Man) notices these faces on her wall: 

white strips for her teeth, a jade roll on her face, and a straightener on her blonde bob. 

The montage makes me think of Booksmart's opening scene, another witty movie about ambitious adolescent girls.

However, Honor's posters are proudly functional, and her attitude is one of pure disdain,

 In contrast to Booksmart's ambitious protagonists who sincerely worshipped RBG, Michelle Obama, and Gloria Steinem while harboring contempt for the less ambitious

She tells us, "They're all bullsh*t, but since they're my people's gods, I have to worship them."

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