Gabby Petito’s family to file $50 million suit against Utah police

The family of Gabby Petito announced on Monday that they intended to sue Utah police for $50 million for wrongful death,

alleging that the Moab, a small desert town, police who stopped Petito and her boyfriend Brian Laundrie

last year did not recognize that their daughter was under the domestic violence.

Police allegedly failed to see that Petito, 22, was in danger when they stopped the couple on August 12, 2021, according to the notice of a pending lawsuit.

later, body-cam video saw Petito speaking to officers by the side of the road, was clearly upset.

The authorities allowed the couple spend a night apart before letting them continue on a cross-country van trip without intervening.

Authorities claim that the couple fought weeks before Laundrie allegedly strangled her. 

On September 19, Petito's body was discovered close to Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park.

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