Formula 1: Sainz says it is unfair to criticize Ferrari's F1 strategy

In recent races, Ferrari has faced criticism for making strategic decisions that have lost it significant victories, 

Like as the choice to leave Leclerc's worn tyres on during the final safety car period of the British Grand Prix and the pit mistake that cost him the Monaco race.

However, Ferrari carried out a pre-weekend plan at Paul Ricard on Saturday to have Sainz tether Leclerc...

In his slipstream in Q3 to counteract Red Bull's top speed advantage over the Scuderia along the back straight.

Leclerc won pole position over Max Verstappen by 0.304 seconds, admitting that Ferrari made a mistake on the first Q3 lap.

Sainz believes Ferrari's qualifying strategies showed how "solid" the squad is strategically. 

Sainz will start from the rear of the grid owing to a change in power unit components.

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