After the Viral Pro-Am video, Paolo Banchero gives a warning to Dejounte Murray on IG.

Players are figuring out methods to stay in shape as the NBA offseason goes on in preparation for training camp next month.

While many players follow their own offseason fitness routines, others participate in numerous pro-am tournaments that are held across the nation each summer.

At Tacoma Community College in Washington, veteran NBA guard Isaiah Thomas

held his seventh-annual "Zeke-End" pro-am tournament this past weekend.

Numerous NBA players attended the event, including Paolo Banchero, a rookie with the Magic, and recently acquired Hawks guard Dejounte Murray.

Banchero is definitely wishing he hadn't laced them up in Tacoma after facing Murray over the weekend.

Murray embarrassed the Magic rookie by dunking on the top pick in 2022 after throwing himself an alley-oop off the backboard.

When Murray finally stood up, he made sure to inform Banchero of what had just happened.

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