Lady A Postpone Request Line Tour while Charles Kelley Continues Journey to Sobriety

Charles Kelley, the lead singer for Lady A, has had to postpone their Request Line Tour due to his "journey to sobriety."

On Thursday morning, August 4, the band posted on social media that they would like to tour once more in 2023.

The note says, "We are a band, but more importantly... we're family." "We're pleased to announce that Charles has started the journey to sobriety. 

Therefore, Lady A will take the time necessary with the assistance of our families and a team of specialists to...

work through this at this time in order for us to be the healthiest, strongest, and most creative band we can be."

The group has spoken about the subject previously. Earlier, Kelley admitted to sometimes drinking too much, 

which sparked an argument with his wife Cassie and his bandmates Dave Haywood and Hillary Scott.

Although we are only beginning along this road, we are determined about doing what will enable us to spend many more years together.

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