Brittney Griner claims that when she was arrested at a Moscow airport, her legal rights were not explained to her.

At her drug possession trial in Russia, American basketball star Brittney Griner stated that...

while she was detained at the airport in Moscow in February, an interpreter only partially translated what was being said. 

She also stated that although officials instructed her to sign documents, "no one explained any of it to me.

In her first trial testimony, Griner also admitted that, aside from the bad translation at the airport, 

she was not given any information about her legal options or access to a lawyer during the first several hours of her arrest. 

She said that to talk with a customs officer, she utilised a translation app on her phone.

Police claimed they discovered vape cartridges carrying cannabis oil in Griner's luggage, and she has been detained since the mid of Feb.

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