Britney Spears' new song with Elton John Leaked Publicly

The highly anticipated Britney Spears and Elton John collaboration song apparently leaked online.

Fans are enraged. The Princess of Pop wasn't able to formally release the new song before

after it had already circulated on social media, according to The US Sun.

Britney hasn't released any new music in six years; and this song is called Hold Me Closer.

One of Sir Elton's most well-known songs, Tiny Dancer, is reported to have been combined with

samples from several of his other songs, including the 1992 single The One.

According to reports, Britney, 40, changed the song's lyrics and offered to sing a new verse for the next remix.

A voice that sounds like Britney's can be heard singing "hold me closer Tiny Dancer" and other songs in the video that was posted to Twitter. 

Fans who have been waiting for the entire thing to be presented in a proper format are criticising the sneak, even though the tiny excerpt has neither been confirmed nor denied.

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