Brandi Carlile Remake Acoustically, 'In These Silent Days,' as 'In the Canyon Haze'

Brandi Carlile is updating her most recent album, In These Silent Days, just in time for its first birthday.

The folk singer will record an acoustic version of the album, titled In the Canyon Haze, song by song. 

Carlile has provided a preview of it before it is released on September 28th with the updated version of "You and Me on the Rock."

Thinking of a deluxe edition of Silent Days gave Carlile the concept for In the Canyon Haze.

Why not make the entire album a bonus rather than just a few more tunes, she reasoned?

With the exception of a version of David Bowie's "Space Oddity," the album maintains the original tracklist.

Carlile attributes the title of the new album to the rootsy, 

free-spirited vibe of the Laurel Canyon music scene. Pre-ordering is still going on.

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