Bill Russell, Basketball champion with record 11 NBA titles, dies at 88

Bill Russell, a famous basketball player, passed away at the age of 88.

the information was shared on his verified Twitter account.

Russell was the player with the most NBA championships in history. The Boston Celtics had all eleven of them.

He altered the game by making shot blocking an important part of defence as a five-time league MVP.

Additionally, he was a Black athlete who opposed racial injustice when it was less common as it is now.

It helps to keep in mind a parent's instruction in order to fully understand this man and exceptional athlete.

When Bill Russell was nine years old, he was one day in front of his Oakland, California, projects apartment.

One of the five youngsters who sprinted by slapped him in the face. When he and his mother went in search of the gang, little Bill expected his mother would punish them.  But his mother said: fight them, one at a time. He won two, lost three.

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