U.S. Drone strike kills top al-Qaida leader and key 9/11 plotter, Ayman al-Zawahri

President Joe Biden reported that on July 30, a drone strike carried out by the United States killed top al-Qaida leader and major 9/11 conspirator Ayman al-Zawahiri.

On August 1, Biden noted the 1998 bombings of the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and 2000 USS Cole attack

And also said, "For decades he was the mastermind behind attacks against Americans.

After Osama bin Laden was killed by American forces in 2011, Biden spoke into detail about al-Zawahiri's role leading al-Qaida, 

Including recent calls for attacks against the United States and its allies.

No matter how long it takes, no matter where you hide, if you pose a threat to our citizens, the United States will catch you and eliminate you, Biden declared.

There were no civilian casualties, according to Biden, and no one else was harmed in the attack, including al-Zawahiri's family who were elsewhere in a safehouse.

Al-Zawahiri was an active threat to U.S. national security, according to an administration official who briefed reporters before to Biden's speech, and his death represents a "hugely significant blow" to al-Qaida.

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