On a 2007 red carpet, Austin Butler's ex-girlfriend Kaia Gerber was spotted with Vanessa Hudgens.

The best throwback ever! Fans find the resurfaced photo of Vanessa Hudgens...

and ex Austin Butler's current girlfriend, Kaia Gerber, to be incomprehensible.

As the old image circulated on social media on Friday, August 5, one Twitter user joked,

"I'm weeping I thought this was a meme but it actually is venessa hudgens meeting kaia gerber plz austin butler is so nasty for this."

On the red carpet of a High School Musical 2 event, the former Disney Channel star, now 33, knelt down to shake hands with Gerber, now 20.

Another image showed Hudgens standing next to Cindy Crawford, the model's mother,

while Gerber seemed unconcernedly gazing off into the distance. 

Presley Gerber, the California native's brother, made a straight face as he regarded the camera.

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