As per Kelly Clarkson, Dolly Parton is an inspiration to all women

Dolly, 76, and the singer Kelly, 40, have collaborated on a new duet version of the song "9 to 5,"

which Dolly first released as a hit in 1980. Kelly has greeted the music icon with praise.

She revealed: "I feel so humbled that Dolly asked me to collaborate with her on a new version of the classic song "9 to 5"! 

She is one of the loveliest persons you will ever meet, incredibly creative, and an inspiration to all women."

Working with the talented country singer was a pleasure for Kelly.

She made fun of the performance in a statement, saying: "I hope you appreciate what we did,

but even if you don't, remember I got to sing a duet with the amazing Dolly Parton, and now have bragging rights til the end of time!"

Kelly can make any song "come alive," as Dolly acknowledged, and she was a pleasure to work with.

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