Amanda Seyfried shoots Nude Scenes at 19 under Job Pressure.

Amanda Seyfried is thinking back on her career and the pressure she had while filming teenage naked scenes.

 The Dropout Emmy-nominated actor remembers being forced into awkward circumstances

and wishes there had been intimacy coordinators since she first started.

"Are you kidding me, being 19 and walking around without my underwear? In a conversation with Porter, 

she wondered, "How did I allow it to happen? Oh, I understand why: 

I was just 19 and worried about upsetting people and losing my job. That's why I do it".

Seyfried began her acting career in soap operas like All My Children and As the World Turns.

Before to appearing Mean Girls, she would also play a crucial part in the season-long mystery on Veronica Maras as Lilly Kane.

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