Alex Wagner ready to take most of Rachel Maddow's Hours on MSNBC

Alex Wagner is aware that her new position on MSNBC in prime time is an odd situation. But she's determined to enjoy it to the fullest.

She replaces MSNBC's prominent host Rachel Maddow on Tuesday in the prized 9 p.m. Eastern weeknight time slot.

The rest of the week will be devoted to "Alex Wagner Tonight,"

and Maddow continuing to host the time slot on Mondays night.

While stepping away from the daily grind of a show that debuted in 2008,

Maddow's new contract with NBC News keeps her with the network to produce things like podcasts and books.

Many people watch Rachel Maddow, and Wagner hoped that many of them would tune in for the rest of the week.

Rachel is unmatchable, and woe to anyone who attempts to mimic what she does, said Wagner. "Since that is not possible. Never would I try.

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