After the transphobic post, Brittany Aldean got "so much support".

After receiving criticism for a transphobic Instagram post, Jason Aldean's wife said

she has received "so much love" from the country music industry.

When asked about the response in Nashville, Brittany Aldean told Fox News'

"Tucker Carlson Tonight" on Thursday, "So much support, so much support." 

However, Brittany said that she has also received some unfavourable comments from "the opposite side."

"People are entitled to have opinions, - we as conservatives have a very hard time having an opinion, especially in today's society," she added. 

"It's extremely, very sad, but [I've] had] a lot of support from Nashville and simply friends and family."

On August 23, Brittany posted a Reel to her Instagram in which she thanked her parents for "not changing" her gender during her "tomboy phase." This is when the issue started.

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