After Kentucky's devastating flooding, at least 15 people are dead.

Kentucky has experienced catastrophic flooding resultant 15 people are dead, Governor Andy Beshear informed CNN on Friday. 

He predicted that number to double and that it would include kids.

Beshear stated to Brianna Keilar on CNN's "New Day" that "we've lost several families and there will be more."

"Kids that won't have the opportunity to grow up and go through as much as we have."

The governor remarked that although eastern Kentucky experiences frequent flooding,

"we've never seen something like this," adding that it was "so lethal, it hit so hard, and it hit in the middle of the night."

Rescuers are attempting to reach inaccessible locations as a result of flooding that hit the region after heavy rainfall on Wednesday night and Thursday.

Bridges were destroyed by swollen floodwaters, power was lost, and some locals were forced to flee to their rooftops as water poured into their homes. 

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