Actor Gary Busey Charged with sexual offenses near Philadelphia.

Local police confirmed on Saturday that actor Gary Busey had been charged with three counts of sex crimes 

and one count of harassment in connection with a Monster-Mania event

that took place at a hotel outside of Philadelphia last week.

According to Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Police Lt. Robert Scheunemann, Busey, 78, is accused of

harassing at least two alleged victims, as well as engaging in two counts of criminal sexual contact in the fourth degree,

one count of attempted sexual assault in the fourth degree, and a fourth count of harassment.

According to the department's tweet, Busey, a California resident, is being investigated by the local police.

The incident allegedly happened at the Doubletree Hotel outside of Philadelphia on the weekend of August 12–14, according to police, who did not disclose any information about the claimed victims.

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