A Quick Review of "Orpan: First Kill"

You probably already know how 2009's Orphan ends, whether or not you've seen the movie.

The horror movie's startling, albeit ridiculous, twist is simply too fantastic to be revealed after 13 years:

 It turns out that Isabelle Fuhrman's character, the titular orphan, is older than her apparent age of nine.

She is a homicidal 33-year-old Estonian woman, and thanks to a rare kind of proportional dwarfism,

 she has been able to pass herself off for years as Esther, a young child.

The prequel to that movie, Orphan: First Kill, starring Julia Stiles,

is currently in cinemas and can be watched online via Paramount+. 

 Julia Stiles thinks the new movie's twist is equally memorable as the one in the original.

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